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Scaling down the dependence on virgin raw materials by effective utilization of metallurgical by-products in the steel making process is the driving force for this application. 

Over the last decade, the steel industry has focused its efforts on the improvement of by-products (GCP sludge, BF flue dust, BF Cast house dust, Mill scale, Sinter fines etc.) recovery and quality, based not only on existing technologies, but also on the development of innovative sustainable solutions. These activities have led the steel industry to save natural resources and to reduce its environmental impact, resulting in being closer to its “zero-waste” goal. In this context the opportunity is perceived of improving the environmental sustainability of the steel production by saving primary raw materials and costs related to by- products and waste landfill.

We provide complete turnkey solutions for Agglomeration in the form of briquetting of metallurgical by-products arising out of the steel making process. In this line we have complete technological tie-up with a pioneer in the field of by-products utilization through patented recipes of by-products briquettes.

Metallurgical by-products like dust and sludge arising out of the steel making process contains substantial Fe content, which until now is not utilized in any form. Utilization of the same by adding the re-engineered by-products into the secondary steel making process can reduce the dependence on scrap and pave a path for converting “waste into wealth” , thus conserving the environment and earning carbon credits for the user.

We have technological tie-up with complete turnkey solution providers, who are pioneers in the field of metallurgical by-products like sludge and dust briquetting with their patented technologies and outright solutions.


We are proud to be associated with the possibility of using the environmental
burden and converting land filled “Waste to Wealth”


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